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Jose P. Jan 18, 2018 285 views

Is there a fair advantage of people that go to lower income schools than others that go to better schools? and also does going to a private high school give you a greater chance to bing better at school than others that go to a public school?

I live in San Leandro in the bay area and my school campus is so old compared to others schools. Other schools have such great campus and a better environment. Also I have great goals I want to achieve and I want to know what is best for me. #fairness #private-school...


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Ty D. Mar 05, 2019 117 views

How can we advance technology more than it is today?

We have automatically driven vehicles, artificial intelligence, advances in cell phones and other devices, and so much more! What is something new that would really be something...

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lubah N. Mar 08, 2019 230 views

How does the perks of working in a large tech company affecting local businesses?

For example, a lot of them offer free meals and coffee. In the Bay Area, where the rent is sky high, how are the local eateries being effected? #business #technology...


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adam H. Apr 16, 2019 130 views

What's a good college photography program that's affordable?

I'm extremely artistic, also good with people when I need to be. #student #job...