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Is it better to go in or out of state for college/university?

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I am psychologically set on furthering my education out of my home state at a four-year university, but is there any disadvantages in doing this besides out-of-state tuition? Advantages? #university #career-path #workforce-planning #college-advice #college-choice

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Debra’s Answer


It really doesn't matter if you go in-state or out-of-state - other then finances. It's much more expensive to pay out-of state tuition. What's more important is a highly reputable college with regional accreditation and "good" academics, and of course, a college that has your desired degree or career prep program. Some young, traditional-aged college student, like to go far enough from home to "feel like" they are living on their own. And others like to go to a college close to home so they can frequently see parents, friends, have mom do laundry, etc. :) YOU choose the college that YOU want to attend, that meets YOUR needs and that is financially "do-able".-

Debra recommends the following next steps:

  • Research the colleges that have your desired degree program and the admission requirements.
  • Research costs to attending your top 3 choice colleges
  • Attend an Orientation program and your top 3 choices. Look for the right "fit" for you. Talk to the professors who work in your degree program. The professors are who you will be working with... so find out if you're a good fit with them... and them to you.
  • Apply for financial aid early - no matter what your circumstances are. ALL college students should apply for aid to see what kinds of programs, scholarships, etc. you may be eligible for.