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Where should I look for scholarships?

I've been looking since last year to hopefully prepare for when I go off to college.
But, every website that I've been on have really been a hit and miss and almost nothing is for me. #helpme #needfunds #collegeisexpensive #college #financial-aid #scholarships

So just a heads up, most of your financial aid will probably end up being from the college you go to as well as from FAFSA. There's a lot of scholarship money out there other than that but there's also a lot of other people who need it, too. With that said, my favorite place to look for scholarships is through cappex.com. I also heard scholarship points was good but I haven't tried it. If you're 24 and older you can file FAFSA as independent which will get you more money but other than that it'll be tough if you're trying to go to a private school and they don't cover everything. Christa H.

Hey! So surprisingly you can go to bigfutures.collegeboard.org/scholarship-search and there are a lotttttt of scholarships you can choose from. It specializes to what you want to pursue in college. Also, it includes ethnicity, sports you do, things like that. If you have some sort of cancer or dyslexia or someone in your family who has Alzheimer's, there are scholarships for that. Similar to what Christa said, Cappex.com is definitely really helpful, it's how I found this website and they email you with new scholarships every so often that you're eligible for. It's super helpful and definitely worth checking out. Hope this helps and good luck! Kathryn A.

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Jennifer’s Answer


You've gotten good advice thus far. Filing FAFSA and/or CSS Profile is a great start and the following websites give you additional resources.


There are sites that allow you to take surveys, earn points, and go lottery style for scholarships like the scholarshippoints.com website suggested.

Additionally, the Offices of Financial Aid of the institutions you applied to will have a website with scholarships and other opportunities available to its students. The clubs and organizations you're involved in at school (such as NHS, FFA, etc.) have scholarships available, and maybe? your high school counselor can help direct you.

There is a lot of information out there! Be judicious with your time and energy.

Good luck!!!


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Daniel A.’s Answer

This is a common concern for the next phase of your life. I would keep doing some research online to see what scholarships are out there, maybe even scholarships in relation to your desired major. I also know that when I graduated high school, my school counselor often had an updated sheet of local places offering scholarships. Another place I know you can sometimes find scholarships are through your Church, often times they sponsor a senior or two, and I think one requirement is to potentially write an essay or something similar. These three places are probably your best bet, but even potentially looking through your college's website to see if they have any scholarships available for grades, degrees, state wide, etc.

Hopefully this is helpful!

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