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How do you know when something you love to do should just be your hobby and not a career?

I like doing a lot of things but do you have to be really good at it to think of making it a career? #hobby #career-choice #career-path

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2 answers

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Marilyn’s Answer

This is a tough question and one only the individual can answer. A great deal depends on your perceived values and material needs. Will this provide you lasting satisfaction and will the financial opportunities satisfy your material needs? Sometimes you don't know this right away and you have to try out the situation. I was in education for many years, but I was fortunate because my creative side was satisfied through my personal love for decorating my home and my counseling skills. When I retired from a full time job, I pursued my interest in art full time as well and so my loves have been satisfied at various times of my life. You have a long time to pursue your goals. Everything changes and nothing remains permanent. Be flexible and open to opportunities of various kinds, and your life will be fun and rewarding during all of its stages.

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Ayush’s Answer

A lot of people face the same dilemma about pursuing a hobby as a profession. This is not only a tough decision but a crucial one. The best scenario would usually be working something that is close to you and something that you love doing. This tends to result in good performance usually because you are more determined to achieve the targets set, simply because you love doing your job and would go that extra mile to finish the task at hand. However, the decision of choosing a career should be done while keeping both - emotional and rational factors in mind. Often, people blindly go behind the crowd and end up in a stream or profession that they do not necessarily like. This results in poor performance and people losing self confidence. Thus, while deciding to pursue a hobby as a career, I'd say keep the following things in mind while taking the decision:

1. Visualize yourself doing the thing that you love for a long span of time, say 25 years and think whether you'll be satisfied with what you gain during the process.
2. Think whether you'll be able to pursue your family expectations and will be able to take care of dependents , if any.
3. Contemplate whether money matters more or the satisfaction that you get on doing the job. If your hobby is less rewarding financially, you must consider whether you'll be able to earn enough as per your expectations.
4. Analyze how future proof the field you are trying to enter is. It does not make sense to go into 32 bit video game development even if you love playing old games simply because the field is obsolete.

Summing up, the entire decision making process is a series of conscious choices that will have a large scale implication on your life. Hence, choose wisely. Remember, your decisions might affect a lot of people around you.