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Richton Park, Illinois
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Janiyah Jan 20, 2018 680 views

How do you know when something you love to do should just be your hobby and not a career?

I like doing a lot of things but do you have to be really good at it to think of making it a career? #hobby #career-choice #career-path

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Janiyah Jan 20, 2018 715 views

How do you turn film into a career?

I want to go into the industry but do not know if I should wait till after school is over and how to get started with the process. #filmislife #career-path #career

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Janiyah Jan 20, 2018 930 views

When do you know when you are pushing yourself too hard or just need to toughen up in school?

I feel like I will join a lot of clubs and have different classes. I want to know when it is okay to take a break, or stop doing an activity or just know if I am just taking the easy way out. #dotoomuch #howdoyouknow #study-skills #mental-health