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When working in a forensic science position what are the character strengths that you have to be strong on in order to be successful?

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Hi i am a Freshman in high school i am interested in the forensic science field but i am wondering what character do you need to be successful in the job. #forensic #forensic-science

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Daniela’s Answer

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Hello Arleth,

First it is necessary to define which area of ​​forensic science you would like to act, because depending on the area of ​​operation, it is possible to set up a profile or set of necessary features in your work area. Collaboration areas within forensic science are:

Criminalistics; Digital & Multimedia; Sciences Engineering Sciences General ; Jurisprudence ; Odontology Pathology / Biology Physical Anthropology Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Questioned Documents ; Toxicology

In general, a forensic scientist must have the following characteristics:

good communication skills able to Remain in the unbiased examination of potential court evidence meticulous and capable of clear, logical and lateral thinking able to work the part of a team initiative and motivation able to persevere good observation skills.

Below are links to two sites that you can take a look and understand better about the subject:



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