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Yvette G. , MA, MS, Ph.D.

Microbial forensics Investigator
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
New York, New York
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Elena’s Avatar
Elena Sep 03, 2023 1750 views

What are some good colleges for forensic science?

I’m really interested in this major but I have no idea where to start looking for colleges.

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 17, 2022 639 views

To people who work in IT, did you love coding when you first started but now feel like you lost interest in it?

Lately I've been coding very often and I realized it was something I really enjoyed doing. It's fun creating projects and seeing how I can make them work. I'm afraid if I make it as my job, it will become something I dread doing.

Zaria’s Avatar
Zaria Dec 01, 2021 534 views

What does a normal work day look like for a Special Agent of the FBI?

I am a 23 year old female that appreciates having routines and things being planned out but I also enjoy having a little variability. I am someone that is flexible and and enjoys change. #criminal-justice #career #Agent #Federal

Praise’s Avatar
Praise Apr 13, 2022 494 views

I am trying to switch careers into marketing but haven't been having a lot of success job searching and interviewing. How would you advice i go about it.

I'm currently a data analyst looking to go into marketing.

Dayanara’s Avatar
Dayanara Apr 08, 2022 912 views

What is it like working as an CSI ? What's something nice about working there?

This is something I want to study but I'm not sure if I'm able to manage to see all the crime, but I think I can handle it at the same time. What is some experience you had seeing all these crimes? Did you get used to it? What was the worst crime you've seen?

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Feb 16, 2021 2013 views

Is it worth earning a Master’s degree if I want to become a medical lab scientist?

I really would love to be working hands-on in a hospital laboratory for my career. Are master’s degrees in MLS reserved for people who plan on working in management positions? I know I can take courses in medical lab technology and eventually take the ASCP exam for certification. Will a...

Arleth ’s Avatar
Arleth Mar 17, 2015 1369 views

When working in a forensic science position what are the character strengths that you have to be strong on in order to be successful?

Hi i am a Freshman in high school i am interested in the forensic science field but i am wondering what character do you need to be successful in the job. #forensic #forensic-science

Yessica’s Avatar
Yessica Sep 25, 2019 1709 views

Forensic Science Technician Why did you choose this job/career? ▪ What do you do in a typical day? ▪ What education and/or training did you need for this job/career? ▪ How long have you been working in this job/career? ▪ What do you like best about your job/career? ▪ What do you like least about your job/career? ▪ What advice would you give me right now knowing that I am interested in a job/career like yours?

I'm doing a research paper for a class, and I'm really interested in becoming a Forensic Science Technician, and would love to put your response to my questions in my essay. #forensics #forensic #science #forensicsciencetechnician

Corey’s Avatar
Corey Oct 03, 2019 466 views

How many hours do you work as a biologist?

#biology #science

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 13, 2019 1366 views

What are the benefits of becoming a rocket scientist?

I am doing an assignment for my technology class, and I am researching possible professions to go into. I am interested in math, reading, engineering, and mechanics. #science