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San Francisco, California
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I want to work in a field related to cyber security or software development



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Danielle Apr 22, 2022 1021 views

How can I increase my connections in IT?

I'd like to increase my connections in IT to learn more about other people's experiences and have someone to go to in the future in case I need any advice or help.

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Danielle Apr 17, 2022 721 views

To people who work in IT, did you love coding when you first started but now feel like you lost interest in it?

Lately I've been coding very often and I realized it was something I really enjoyed doing. It's fun creating projects and seeing how I can make them work. I'm afraid if I make it as my job, it will become something I dread doing.

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Danielle Apr 08, 2022 580 views

Should I do a CS bootcamp during my freshman year of college or take a gap year after high school to do it?

I tend to be comfortable handling heavy work loads but at the same time I don't want to get too stressed out. But I have gotten advice from someone that works in IT that did a bootcamp while in college, they've encouraged me to do the same and that there's no need to take a gap year for it. I...

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Danielle Feb 17, 2022 468 views

For people who work in front end development, what types of creativity works (i.e. design, art, drawing) do you put into your job?

#career #computer-science #computer-science #design

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Danielle Feb 17, 2022 441 views

What made you interested in pursuing a career in front end development?

#career #front-end #computer-science

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Danielle Feb 03, 2022 633 views

For people who work in cyber security, what do you enjoy about your job?

#technology #cybersecurity #career

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Danielle Oct 05, 2021 446 views

What crucial skills does one need in a job related to computer science? (i.e. teamwork skills, math skills, etc.)


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Danielle Sep 14, 2021 577 views

What should high school students start thinking about when they're interested in computer science but not sure what career they want in the future?

#computer-science #college