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What's it like, money wise, to have an apartment?

Updated Houston, Texas

During college, depending on which one I go to, I was thinking about getting my own apartment, something cheap for now until I save up more money than I do now. I want to have the feeling of living on my own, to try and see if I can handle it. #financial-planning #mortgage

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Jeff’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

An apartment has more expenses than most people consider besides rent, security deposit (usually) and utilities. If it's your first apartment you need to buy a lot of small things you've never thought about like furniture, trash cans, dish towels, and spices. Before you decide to get an apartment, try going through a big box store and add up the costs of everything you would buy to stock a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and add them up on the calculator on your phone. Doing that makes many people want to live with a roommate and split those costs. It's also why many college students live on campus at least the first year. Some schools require that you do so.

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