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is there a wide field of majors other than psychology and sociology that can lead me to social work?

Im asking this question because as of right now I'm not sure what I want to major in exactly because as of right now I like psychology, sociology,social work and criminology. #psychology #social-work #sociology #social-worker

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hello Yvonne,

The undergraduate degree in Social Sciences brings together the study of individuals, groups and society on issues involving the study of criminology, psychology, sociology, political and / or social work.

The course offers a range of areas of knowledge, lines of research and field work.

"Social sciences combine creative thinking with scientific analysis, Which skills are highly sought after by Employers. You will challenge and question everyday assumptions about human behavior, political Institutions and social organization. You will Also learn how to use evidence effectively, plan and Develop projects and apply your knowledge in placements and practice. "

I selected two links that can help you understand in detail the study of this career:



Good luck in your choice !!

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Yvette’s Answer

Yes, all those fields you mentioned can lead you to social work. If you get your BSW you can qualify for 1 year accelerated MSW programs.