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how cain i do the best filming in college?

filmin tips

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1 answer

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Iavaris !

I am happy to share some advice with you on how you could be a successful film student. It's an exciting, enjoyable career that will take many shapes and the process should be very enriching and further your passion for filmmaking.

The best film tips will be coming from a combination of your professor's presentations and lectures and what you begin to recognize as your style and preferred technique. You will learn and discover this in film school. Focus on technique, style and story. For now before enrolling in film studies, there are some things that you can do now that will support the quality of your experience in college.

One thing that I suggest is to start now. Do videos which you can upload to platforms like You Tube, create your own channel. Do a tour video of your high school or your prospective film school. Write out a treatment (outline what you want to cover) and go for it ! Between now and then, think about short stories that you'd like to film for your collection. Also, learn about the equipment you'll be working with by doing a search online for all the various types of cameras and sound equipment.

Something that would greatly support this would also be to start networking with other people involved in film. Take frequent ventures into New York City and you're sure to discover many groups that you can enjoy. One of them is The Filmmaker's Co-Op in the East Village. I left the link for their website below. I also left a link to a list of other groups you should look into. A big part of the film industry is getting to know people and learning from them, sharing knowledge and keeping aware of projects that may be happening. Once you start college, the film department will be the best networking ground for you, but you can start before you go to college.

Start reading about all the different aspects of film and what each professional does on a set or for the film. Check out some books at your community library and search for articles online that will give you an overview and discuss the basics of filmmaking. Also watch as many videos on You Tube about filmmaking. I left a link for one below but there are many more on You Tube. It would be good to be familiar with it before college.

Most of all, take it step by step and understand that it is a process. Also understand that you very well may get professional opportunities while you are in college, but if not, you will establish a body of work, contacts and be well prepared for when you graduate. Your proximity to New York City is in your favor. Also, do not give up or let anyone discourage you - you can do it. Enjoy every step of the way. You'll be making some amazing discoveries in college studying film !

I hope that this is a help and I wish you all the best !

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