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How can I ensure that pursuing a degree in college will provide me with a stable occupation for my future?

Asked Austin, Texas

I want to make sure that I can get the most out of college regarding my future. Being able to be successful within my career field is something very ideal to me, because I want to be able I am creating happiness for my future wife and children. I believe a stable job will help my kids and wife live a life that they dream of. #college-#business-#management-#marketing

2 answers

Kim’s Answer

Updated Nipomo, California

Edward has given you some excellent advice. One additional thought to consider is to utilize internships whenever possible. It will give you some real life experiences and will also introduce you to some potential employers. Also, it will give you the opportunity to bring your courses to life. That will help you tie it altogether putting you in a great position to pursue your career.

Kim recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk with advisors regrading internship opportunities. Or look for internship fairs.
  • Spend time learning from managers to understand more about the business you are interning with.
  • Make effort to tie courses into real world experiences to better understand how they connect or not.

Edward’s Answer

Updated Allentown, Pennsylvania

A four-year degree has become the bare minimum to win consideration for a well-paying career. Since you have it, be sure to spend your four years learning something both difficult (to train your brain) and interesting to you (so you'll enjoy the learning process)

Edward recommends the following next steps:

  • Try as many different subjects as you can early on. Don't pigeonhole your brain in what's easy
  • After you've shopped for up to two years, pick a major that's difficult and interesting at the same time.
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