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Joseph Sep 13 98 views

How would you recommend completing high school with the necessary tools to obtain a degree in law that would allow me to be successful in getting into an excellent law program?

I am a sophomore in high school, I want to go to UCLA, I do think law would be a good choice for me due to the fact that I can be very persuasive and persistent.

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Hailee Aug 25 119 views

What’s it like to go eviromental lawyer school?

What’s it like being an eviromental lawyer

fatima’s Avatar
fatima Jul 08 43 views

How do you began going into the filed of law?

How do people even begging to study law and want to go into law. Why did you choose it and what do you think about the career that you have chosen now?

Carly’s Avatar
Carly Jul 05 138 views

What are the best schools for law. I am a sophomore going into my junior year, and I need advice on what colleges I should look into. I also wanted to ask if the University of Chicago is a good school for law and if I should go there because they have been contacting me for a while now.?

Should I email the colleges I am interested in and reach out to their admissions offices early. Also how can I earn scholarships easier. I do online school right now and plan to go back to actual school this coming school year.

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Jul 03 97 views

How to become a criminal lawyer?

I am trying to become a lawyer, Help me in my journey

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie May 18 98 views

Can you get a degree in STEM before you go to law school or is humanities more useful?

Interested in mathematics degree
10th grader (going into 11th)
Wants to go to law school and become a public defense attorney

Mara’s Avatar
Mara Apr 17, 2021 544 views

On the road to becoming a lawyer, how did you decide which type of law you wanted to practice??

#law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #lawyers

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Mira May 05 169 views

How do I actually get into top tier schools?

Hi! I am aiming for top tier schools. I am a current freshman, 4.0 GPA. I do student council and mock trial. This year I took one AP and advanced class, next year I will be taking 3-4 AP classes. I am interested in zoology, pediatrics, youth advocacy, law, and government. What can I be doing to...

nasir’s Avatar
nasir May 05 129 views

what can help me become a better lawyer?

im nasir im in 12th grade

Risha’s Avatar
Risha Apr 13 143 views

Does anyone know of law internships for 17 year olds entering first year of college in the fall?

12th grade, 17 year old, NYU

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 09 216 views

How difficult is law school?

I just want to know how difficult law school is to prepare for it and to embrace what's coming.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Mar 06 182 views

What tools are a must when starting an online business ?

I want to start an online business, and I wanted to know the certain tools to make my life a little bit easier.

chase’s Avatar
chase Mar 03 123 views

How much schooling, and what are helpful college classes to become a lawyer?

I want to have a good job when i grow up

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Mar 01 140 views

If I wanted to do stocks or online marketing, what would I need to do?

I want to understand things like mortgage rates, taxes and how those things work

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 21 338 views

How does one start a business?

How do entrepreneurs start their own businesses? Where do they even begin?