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Pennsylvania, USA

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Adalyn yesterday 1795 views

best source and free to learn about math ?

best source and free to learn about math ?

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Ahmad Khalid Jul 15 488 views

What is the best way to get master's degree from Nurse Anesthetist?

I'm a full time student for Medical Assistant program and full time for pre-required Nursing program.

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Mekhi Jul 12 319 views

Is there anything you can do if you’re 14 and you wanna become a EMT?

Tips on EMT

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Amure Jul 10 317 views

where to work as an accountant?

Where can i work as an accountant

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Jessica Jul 09 416 views

How do I know if college is right for me?

I am a rural student who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. No one in my town has a 4 year degree, I also don't have money to go to college. I am going into highschool. Where do I start? How do I know if college is right for me?

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Conor Jul 02 172 views

What things should I do to work for WWE backstage?

Hi I'm Conor a 9th grader who wants to work backstage full-time for WWE. What things should I do in and out of school to get there?

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Haelyn Jun 30 437 views

How does an undergrad degree in Child Development prepare someone for OT school? Is Child Development a reliable major for a career in Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

I’m just beginning to research schools, as well as the field in general. Correct me if I’m wrong, it would be greatly appreciated!

Haelyn’s Avatar
Haelyn Jun 29 343 views

How can I become an Occupational Therapist?

Can I become an Occupational Therapist with a degree in rehabilitation science?

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Nikole Jun 25 324 views

im a 11th grader, what do i need to think about if i want to be an entrepreneur

what do i need to think about if i want to pursue an entrepreneurship career path? What classes, experiences and opportunities should i engage in?

Alaric’s Avatar
Alaric Jun 24 398 views

What should I major in? I am stuck between three options.

Summary: I like quantum mechanics and how it relates to chemistry and of course, physics, but pure math also captivates me. I’m having trouble deciding between three majors. The majors are math, physics, and chemistry. For some background, I am a rising freshman in high school. I have...

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abrianna Jun 23 341 views

what are some ways to make sure you pick something that you are passionate about and is their a wrong time to start over #spring23 #spring24

i'm going into 12th grade and I'm asking more how do you know you picked the right thing to study or is their a time to late to swich out of something and start new because i don't wanna go into something thinking it's my life goal and doing it, then hating or wanting to do something else

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Julie Jun 23 383 views

What should we look for in a college as a History major?

Hi, I’m trying to help my son figure out his path to and through college. He is a history buff and his goal is to get a PhD Or doctorate in history. During our research we found a lot of Grad programs and I’m wondering if there are any specific programs or courses we should look into for...

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rose Jun 23 323 views

requirement for petrolium engenearing?

the best collage for engenering

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Caden Jun 21 245 views

Volunteering as a high school senior

Where in my my area or virtual can I volunteer my time I will be becoming a high school senior this coming year

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Ivan Jun 20 231 views

what do you have to go to get into school?

What do you have to do to get into dentistry school. What takes you there. How hard is it. What do you have to deal with everyday. What do you have to do in school

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