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Should you consider weather when choosing a college?

I know this might seem trivial or silly to some people but I think weather could be a really important factor. I've lived in Michigan and Indiana but I've also lived in Texas, both with very different types of weather. I've heard that people who go to school in more northern climates tend to skip class more and not do as well because they don't want to go out into the snow/cold. Should I seriously consider weather when choosing my college? #college #weather #choosing-a-college #college-factors

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Wos! I had never heard that! I know that going to school in Texas, we had plenty of days that were "too beautiful" to waste in a classroom. So, while we made it to campus, we never made it to class. Guess it all depends on how far the commute is, and how determined you are to get there. I think us Southern Girls really would not want to deal with snow and ice! So, maybe it's a valid concern!

That’s totally true about nice weather! I guess it goes both ways! And yeah snow and ice aren’t my favorite either haha Kierstyn P.

Unless you have scholarships or other funding sources, or can claim to be a resident of another state, you want to take a close look at tuition rates. They vary by in or out of state. Besides, everything you could ever want is available in Texas!(brag, brag!) Kim Igleheart

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Deborah (Dee)’s Answer

For some people weather may be a consideration. If you really hate cold weather and would be miserable walking across campus in 0 degree wind chill, then it is fine to look for schools more in the south. However it should not be the top consideration. Tuition, availability of your major are key things.