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Should I broaden my teaching degree?

My heart is with little ones! I love teaching lower grades. I want to teach, preferably, no higher than 3rd grade. However, I have been advised by several people to get my degree in K-6 education. They reason that once I get out of college there may be only a 6th grade position open that will at least "get your foot in the door" of a school system. But, I work with students of all ages in my after school job, and I love my jr. high students, but I do not think I would enjoy teaching them. I have also heard of many teachers being moved from Kindergarten to Jr. High when there is an open position that is needing to be filled. So, my thinking is if I do not have the degree that includes the higher grades I will not be moved. So, basically, would it be smart to just suck it up and broaden my degree or keep it where my heart is? teach teaching teacher teaching-prek-12

Hello dear,sometimes in the past I was also facing this situation,I was also not enjoying my work and I want to try other skill under same profession. So I am trying for that and asking my friends what should i need to do. But what i get is more confusion. The reason of consulting other is fear and confusion. Then I definite myself first what should I want and then proceeded into that and believe me I am very happy now. So first, you definite what you want to do and go ahead into that direction. Second, stop asking from others what you want to do because very less are free from fear,insecurity. So they will advise you with that security level mindset. Ashish Malhotra

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3 answers

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Shelby’s Answer

I feel like you may have already decided your answer, but I want to say this. I have had my parents, family, and friends tell me to not even go into teaching. With my experience, I could've easily switched careers to pursue an engineering degree of sorts. But I knew that math education was where my heart was at. I felt this was where I would thrive, so I stuck with it. And at this moment, I am probably the happiest I have been since I was a little kid. Now, I know that broadening your horizons is good. But, you don't have to do that right now. If you want to pursue primary education, then do that! In fact, I know a classmate who has been teaching in elementary schools for quite a while who is just now looking to teach in middle schools, and she hasn't once spoken about regretting her decision to start with elementary school. So I say follow your heart for now! Hope that helps!
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Karen’s Answer

While it's often useful to broaden any degree, I believe going where your heart is will bring you greater joy and that often accompanies success.  You might try volunteering at a kindergarten so you can say you have experience in that area.  All the best to you!

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Ashish’s Answer

1.As I told you,to stop asking advise and definite yourself.

2.Everyone at some level has carrying fear of insecurity. So they will advise you according to that.

3.Remember,love needs courage to accomplish.When you believe on love it will bring abundance into your life.

4.Only your soul is the best adviser in this world. So listen to them.