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How can I make reading more interesting for kids?

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My career path is to become a teacher. #teaching-prek-12 #teaching #teach #teacher #reading

3 answers

Kofi’s Answer

Updated College Park, Georgia

There are many approaches to this: One, link the necessity for reading parallel to the interest. For example, have them group together to read something that will result in a reward if they have read it correctly and understood. In order to do that, your mastery of the language has to come into play in the form of trickery or misdirection. Using a few homonyms :using "bear" or "morning". Having them go over each word slowly, combined with their peers' guidance will force them to pay attention. Entymology of words can be fun as well because you can introduce them to different languages at the same time.

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
Hi Sidney, I was a classroom teacher. Now I train teachers in reading! I love it. How do you make it more interesting? First, take some time to understand what reading is ...... reading is phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and writing helps us to communicate what we learn from reading. After you have a good understanding of what reading is, then you can learn about how to make it interesting. Teachers should only lecture a little bit - hands on activities where I can apply what I know are always more engaging. This article has activies for Preschool through grade 6: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/25-activities-reading-and-writing-fun I bet you can adapt some of these ideas for older students. Good luck, Stephanie

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

I assist teaching Kindergarteners to read and the ways I try to make it more interesting is by focusing on pictures before reading pages and often asking them questions such as "do you have a dog?"  At the end of reading time I often ask them to choose the page they liked best and they get to read that page again. When done reading I always draw an imaginary star on their back to remind them that they have been a good reader.

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