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Ahmed Abdelmonaem

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Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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lydia Mar 18, 2021 534 views

What is your job and why did you choose it?

#job #jobs

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Tristan Sep 01, 2017 687 views

How to balance college and work

I just started college and have a job. I am majoring in business management. Full time student part time work. Right now it's pretty hard balancing everything between school work and homework. What is the best way to balance things and keep me in the race?
#business #college

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria May 15, 2016 2051 views

Any suggestions on free resume building websites?

I am currently working on updating my resume and I would prefer to use a website to put my resume together. Any suggestions for free resume building websites? #resume

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Sidney Sep 01, 2017 988 views

How can I make reading more interesting for kids?

My career path is to become a teacher. #teaching-prek-12 #teaching #teach #teacher #reading

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ayuni Apr 10, 2021 55812 views

What is the difference between CV and resume?

#resume #CV

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Matthew Jul 12, 2016 1503 views

Action drives us to push our limits and to grow. What are a couple things that I can take action on today to challenge myself and grow?

More of a philosophy question :) There are so many quotes about this concept "action": “Never complain, never explain, just let your actions speak for themselves.” – Benjamin Disraeli “The Superior man is modest in speech but exceeds in his actions.” – Confucius “There are no statues built to...

Annette’s Avatar
Annette Sep 28, 2017 944 views

How do I know which career path is right for me? Do I need to be strong in mathematics in order to pursue a career in accounting?

I am going into college and I am unsure of which major to choose? #accounting

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Hanah Marie Apr 23, 2021 489 views

Does a 15 years old student could find a job?

Haha #student