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what are some good and safe jobs in business?

I want to be an accountant but I'm not sure if its right for me. What are some other jobs out there in business?

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2 answers

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Casey’s Answer

Hi Rohit! There are so many doors that a major in accounting can open up for you. This is highly dependent on that are your other interests. Accounting has the ability to teach you about a business as a whole, processes, revenue streams, expense, financing. Having the base of accounting can allow you to learn all these different areas.

Check out this link to see what different kinds of accounting careers are out there:


If you decide ultimately that accounting is not for you, there are other fields you can try such as finance or general business administration. Financial services jobs are particularly high paying and always in demand. Having a background in business can take you to many different places!

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Katie’s Answer

Hi Rohit,

Great question! There are many different careers in business. In general, careers in business, such as accounting, can be more stable than other professions. In addition to accounting, there are also careers in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Corporate Responsibility and many more. For example, if you were considering accounting and you like math, you could consider looking into an Actuary or Statistician job.

If you are considering accounting, it’s important to know that there are many different paths you can take! For example, I work at PwC which is a large accounting firm. At PwC, we have accountants who: audit financial statements, prepare tax returns, consult with our clients on business transactions and identify opportunity areas for tax benefits. Each day can be different, which is exciting!

I would recommend that you do some research into different business careers and see what sounds interesting to you. You could leverage PwC’s Access Your Potential Materials that are available to the public at the link below. Once you arrive at the website, select the “Career Survey” option and a zip file will open. Here you can take an evaluation (Handout A) to see which careers your personality aligns best with (Handout B).


Once you have identified an area of interest, you may want to consider applying for an internship in that field. This will give you the opportunity to experience the career in real life and see if it is something you would want to do full time in the future.

Good luck!