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I am currently a college freshman interested in robotics and also interested in ocean exploration . How can I combine these interests for a career?

Asked Sylvania, Georgia

I have been interested in engineering especially robotics. I also have been interested in ocean exploration. I would like to find a way to combine these interests into a career. Currently my major is general engineering, I would like to know what my major should be to pursue this career.
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1 answer

Jonathon’s Answer


Hello Jarod, I am currently a robotics software engineering intern at NASA working with the CanadaArms on the ISS. My advice to you would be first getting a B.S. engineering degree. I would recommend Electrical, Computer, Mechanical engineering. Now to give you some very important information. Be involved in as many robotics programs you can. Whether that be competitions or robotic clubs at your school. These events/groups helps you network and meet others interested in what you want to do. Networking is extremely important. Here are some important subjects. Linear Algebra is extremely important. C++, Python, general best practices for code, design structures, object orientated programming, learning ROS, learning Linux environments. Learn as much as you can. Don't be afraid of any of it. Learning takes time, always maintain a growth mindset. "I may not know it now, but one day I will". Believe.

Jonathon recommends the following next steps:

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Engineering
  • Network through Robotics clubs/competitions
  • Learn to Code
  • C++
  • Python