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What Is The Best Undergraduate Degree Before Pursuing A DVM?

I know that there are several options for undergraduate degrees that I could do before pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I could do Pre-Med, an undergraduate in Biophysical Sciences, or basically, anything else that satisfies the minimum requirements for the veterinary college I am to attend. I would like to know what the best option is that will prepare me the most for my chosen occupation of Veterinary Medicine.

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3 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

Hi Michale, that is a good question and a seemingly logical one. However, in my opinion the basis for this answer is surprising to most.

Many folks will recommend pursuing degrees in the life sciences (Animal Science, Biology, Microbiology, etc). The advantage of pursuing a degree in this category is that the requirements for achieving that degree most closely align with the pre-requisites for acceptance into veterinary school. Thus minimizing the

The problem is you may not be particularly interested in that subject. Which means it's going to seem like a a big chore to get to your dream of being a vet. And thus more difficult to maintain a high GPA.

Despite what some may say, GPA is king when getting accepted into any professional school. And it's a helluva lot easier to study and achieve top scores on subject matter that interests you. The downside to getting a non-science degree is that you will have to take a few extra course in order to satisfy the pre-reqs for vet school.

But in my opinion someone that has a 3.9-4.0 GPA with a degree in Theater, but also has all of the pre-reqs for vet school, looks a whole more interesting and stands out from the crowd of 1500 other students who all have 3.95's with a degree in Animal Science. And that's what it's about...having excellent grades and standing out from the crowd.

However, if you pushed me, and said "TELL WHAT DEGREE TO GET!" I'd say get a business degree. That will do two things for you. 1. You are given no business classes in vet school. So if have any aspirations of owning your own practice, you will have to learn on your own, aka school of hard knocks. and 2. If you don't manage to get accepted in to veterinary school you will have a degree that will absolutely be of value.

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Kimberly’s Answer

I majored in Animal Science and had no idea what I was in for. It was very agricultural (think farming) and that was totally new for me. It ended up being helpful because I took all of the classes required for veterinary school and I was exposed to the side my future career I never knew (cows, horses, etc). Advice I heard later that may have inspired me to choose differently was to major in something that provides a good plan B or compliment to your DVM. I’ve worked with fellow vets that majored in Spanish, Chemistry, math, some never even completed their undergraduate degrees.

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Erika’s Answer

That is a good question, my son asked me the same thing. Your undergrade should be in one of the following:

Erika recommends the following next steps:

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biology, animal biology, or zoology.
Please use the following link from PSU to get more in depth information: http://vbs.psu.edu/majors/vbs/steps-to-becoming-a-veterinarian
Reach out to you local university to see if there are any mentor programs.