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Is there a way I can pay for Graduate school without getting loans?

Asked Jacksonville, Florida

I have already accumulated debt during my bachelors degree. Want to go further but don't want to create even more debt when getting my MBA. #debt #graduate-school

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Victoria’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi Devetra,

This is a great question. One thing you might want to consider, especially with an interest in pursuing an MBA, is that many employers today have tuition reimbursement programs so that you are able to work and go to school. Why do employers do this? Employers as well as employees benefit from having an educated workforce: basically the employer pays for school and the employee takes classes and must get good grades. There may be a time commitment of 1 to 2 years per year of school reimbursed. Each program is different so it is important to understand the economics, logistics, and IRS implication of your specific program. While it might take you a little longer to obtain your degree, you are able to apply what you learn in the classroom at work. Tuition reimbursement is a benefit and varies from company to company. This is a really good article that may help you plan your own journey. An MBA is a wonderful degree and you will work hard. It opens many new doors and can be combined with so many fields and industries. Balancing work and school requires organization but it is so worth it. You and your employer will benefit.


Victoria recommends the following next steps:

  • Do your homework, there is a lot of information online. Talk to your employer or prospective employer about your goal of obtaining an MBA.