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What was the most difficult class to study for in the Nursing major?

Asked Las Vegas, Nevada

I am a high school senior who is wanting to go into nursing in college, however I'm a little worried about some of the more advanced math classes as I'm not the best at math and am afraid that the classes will be very hard. But I'm curious what was the most difficult class for you when you were in the nursing program at your college? So that I may have a head's up and know what to pay close attention to. #nursing #nursing-education #college #preparing-for-college #studying-tips

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Cecily’s Answer


First of all, I think it’s great that you are so conscientious and forward thinking. The hardest classes for me was actually in the area of “nursing theory”.

As far as the math is concerned... it’s not super advanced, but you essentially need to get your multiplication and division tables memorized. It would be helpful pay attention to any word problems you need to do in math. And know your units of measure, both English (cup, half cup) and metric.

I think you will do great and any patient will be lucky to have you!

next steps:

google and memorize multiplication and division tables

start cooking!! Cooking and baking will help you learn units of measure. If you use an online recipe, many of them will allow you to get the recipe in metric.