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What are the main job objectives when being an Architect?

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Kelly M.’s Answer


The most general main objective of an Architect is to generate a design and construction documents (drawings & specifications) that ensure the health, safety and welfare of the people who will use that space.

However, there are Registered Architects all over the world who do much more than only drawing.

Some Architects work in Historic Preservation and help ensure our built History is kept around for many more years.

Some Architects work in Transportation & new infrastructure systems for people to use things like trains.

Some Architects work outside, on construction sites, making sure designs work and are built right.

There are Architects that work in furniture design and tool design, even office equipment design.

Architects need to know codes and regulations to ensure what is being built will be safe. No one wants a design that will fall apart nor catch fire. Codes are set requirements that have been studied and determined to be the bare minimum of how something should be built.

I know Architects who advocate for better safety codes or environmental issues.

Some Architects are also Engineers. They have the ability to think creativity and crunch lots of numbers for difficult math calculations.

An Architect's education is based in Art and focuses on their ability to express their solutions to a design problem. A lot of traditional schooling involves hand drawing but most Architects work with Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs, like AutoCAD.

The best part of being an Architect is having a hand in making a problem into a 3 dimensional solution. For example, a family needs a home. An Architect can talk to the family, find out how they go about their regular daily life, design a home they love, make the construction drawings a builder needs to make the design, and oversee it during construction. Now, that family has a house that they can use to protect them from the weather and kerp them safe.

I hope you find a desire to use Architecture for the benefit of the world.

Visit aia.org for more information.

Kelly M. recommends the following next steps:

  • Google Famous Architects like Paul Revere Williams, Mies van der Rohe, Zaha Hadid to name a couple.
  • Sketch what you see. Get a notebook and draw whatever comes to mind. Architecture school is heavily based in art.
  • Build things. Grab some glue and sticks, see what your mind can create.
  • Ask a teacher, friend or family member who works in construction if they can show you a construction jobsite one day. (NEVER go to a jobsite without a worker knowing you are there. Your safety is important.)