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Kelly M. Brennan, RA, AIA, NICET

Registered Architect, Construction Project Manager & Inspector at Remington & Vernick Engineers
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Rafael C. Feb 15, 2017 770 views

What is the most exciting part of being an architect?

I am very interested in becoming an architect and I want to know what part of a project is the most fun or exciting. Is it designing the general layout of the building or designing the interior? Where do you think you make the most impact in the design of a building? #architecture...

#interior-design #interior-architecture #information-architecture

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Jaquan H. Apr 15, 2018 191 views

Where is the best place to look for internships in college?

I plan on majoring in architecture and within architecture, you must intern at a firm for at least two years in order to earn your license and began working for a firm or start your own....


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Yoselin V. Jun 27, 2018 207 views

How much schooling do you need for architechure

How many years of college do need to be an architect. #architect #architecture #design...


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Ajzuan R. Aug 09, 2018 229 views

What are some good things to study on

For any Architects, what are some of the things you would recommend studying throughout the job #architect #studying...


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Alexander V. Oct 14, 2019 39 views

When i get my certs in welding, is it enough for me to live comfortable with my family?

I am a student at Job Corps going for my certifications in welding, I have a family of three I have to provide for. would the basic certs be enough ?...