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Esther C. Mar 04, 2017 583 views

Does transferring school put you behind the rest of your peers?

I want to plan accordingly to decide if I want to stay or transfer to another school for next semester. However, since a lot of the core classes that I am taking now will not be transferred (I did a little research), I am worried that I will be behind the game if I do transfer. Thus, I hope you...

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Joscelyn O. May 18, 2016 548 views

What is the best way to ensure the right credits get transferred to a 4-year college?

I will be attending John Tyler Community College this fall, and I am planning to transfer (sooner rather than later) to VCU after I finish my prerequisites. I will be majoring in general science with the intended career path of pre-medicine; therefore, I will have a wider variety of job...

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