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Is it possible to find a great opportunity to connect with a professional and start an internship on this site?

Im going to be going into college soon. Pursuing a Bachelors in Fashion Marketing. I really want to be a part of the whole like, im not sure how to say it, I want to be part of like deciding on textiles and design and marketing merchandising, branding, selling styling, Everything! I want to be part of the fashion revolution to help in showing the planet (what gives us life) love and care by being humane and ecofriendly. And not just apparel but automotive and home decor. I want to be an entrepreneur but not small business, i wan to change the whole world. I know, i have some pretty big dreams, but despite the people who want to tell me i cant and tell me how my dreams arent pragmatic, I want to make it happen and im gonna work hard to do just that. I was just wondering if there were any professionals who might have the same ideas and values that would give someone like me a foot in their door. A big road block im trying to get through is problems with money. I cant hardly afford college and i need a good job to help me get where i need to go with out misaligning me from my goals.

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