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David S. Mar 20, 2019 154 views

What are the challenges that lie ahead.

My trade is medical office assistant support. I'd like to know what I need to do to be prepared and would like to know how to do the challenging tasks and how to work through it. #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #office #assistant #administrative-assistant...


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erika Z. Oct 17, 2019 139 views
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Allison S. May 14, 2020 253 views

What are the first steps in starting your own business?

I am an eighth grader and am looking into starting my own real estate business. I want to start my business wherever real estate will be thriving. I want to know want the best majors are to take in college in order to be an entrepreneur. I want to know what are the best classes in collage to...

#college #business #real-estate #entrepreneur