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Muskegon, Michigan
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I want to become a pediatrician



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Andrea Dec 17, 2020 185 views

What is the difference between being a pediatrician and a family practitioner

#pediatric-nursing #pediatrician #familydoctors

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Andrea Nov 30, 2020 198 views

I am working to get my CMAA certification. Should I start an entry level job, or continue getting my education after I obtain the certification?

I plan on becoming a Pediatrician or Family Practitioner.
#doctors #Officeassistant #continueeductation

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Andrea Nov 10, 2020 318 views

When working in healthcare, is it better to get your degree first, or work in an entry level job?


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Andrea May 15, 2020 331 views

What is the best way to get my certifications to be a baker?

I know that there are different trade schools and colleges to attend. #college #job-corps