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Orlando, Florida
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charles’s Avatar
charles Jan 17, 2018 581 views

im interested in #photography and art and # i dont know how im gonna get to that and where to go

because im a little concerned about it, i want to do art and photography but i dont know where to start. i feel like if i can get there i already know what do do but how i even get to the #photography and art place is unknown,# im not sure where the right place for me to go is

gavin’s Avatar
gavin Jan 10, 2018 861 views

At what point did you decided to become a photographer

I am a student at OSA and i want to be a #photographer #photography

Anndrea’s Avatar
Anndrea Jul 13, 2018 848 views

How many year does it take to be a photographer

#photographer #photography

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Aug 02, 2018 546 views

What do you do in a photography major?

What do yo do on your daily basis of being a photographer
Do you need to go to college to be a photographer