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Cloey Jul 28, 2020 490 views

Is there a place for chemical oceanography in the aquarium?

I am a rising senior and have thought about different careers to consider. I am interested in going into chemical oceanography, and was wondering if I would be able to work at an aquarium if I pursued this path or not.
#july20 #oceanography #chemicaloceanography #aquarium

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Cloey Jul 28, 2020 400 views

Qualifications to Work in a Fish Hatchery

I am a rising senior and one of the careers that I am considering is working in an aquacultured ornamental fish hatchery, or something similar. What should I study for this job and where could I study it?
#july20 #aquaculture

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Cloey Jul 23, 2020 423 views

Majors alike oceanography, and where to find them.

I am a rising senior and am interested in oceanography. I have not been able to find many colleges that have this major. Should I look outside of the U.S.? Or is there another major that I should use in my search? I am leaning more toward the chemical side, but also want to look into the...

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Cloey Jul 20, 2020 413 views

What is the best area in the U.S for oceanographers?

I am a rising senior and have been exploring future career options. I have always been drawn towards the water, so I have been thinking about going into oceanography. I know that it is competitive and want to get the best experience/education that I can. Where in the U.S. would I find the most...