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RN/Care Coordinator with BlueCrossBlueShield
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I graduated with my BSN in 2009 from Tennessee Wesleyan Nursing Program after doing my undergraduate at UT Knoxville. I started my first job at Fort Sanders Regional on the Med-Surg unit and was soon made charge nurse for my shifts. After getting lots of experience there I moved to an Infusion Company where I started out as the sole infusion nurse for all infusions-IVIG, outpatient antibiotics, etc. I then moved over into sales with the same company but was still traveling to local hospitals to do teaching on how to mix tpn and give at home as well as antibiotics, home chemo, etc. In 2018, I started my current career as a Care Coordinator at BlueCross BlueShield. I call members who have chronic conditions and do education with them, contact the PCP if needed, and help find resources that may help with financial strains and such.