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Kali M. Mar 17, 2016 974 views

I plan on getting my associates degree in nursing then later perusing on, but my question is should I apply to the nursing program my senior year of high school? Or should I take prerequisites first?

I plan on going to a community college (bridgevalley) I cannot even find what prerequisites are required. Maybe one of you could do better than I could if you would mind looking. But I don't know if I should apply next year (my senior year) or after my prereqs. PLEASE HELP #nursing #help...

#nursing-education #rn #community-college

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Kali M. Mar 06, 2016 930 views

I plan on going to a community college for nursing. Will I have to take any college classes before hand? Also, when do I take my TEAS test? After applying, while I'm in college, or before I apply?

My goal is to get my ADN at a community college, then continue online to get my BSN and finally go to a college for nurse anesthesia. #college #nursing #associates-degree...