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Alexia D.’s Avatar
Alexia D. Sep 17, 2020 553 views

Is a community college financially smarter than a university?

Just wondering. #education

Gordon K.’s Avatar
Gordon K. Mar 12, 2019 322 views

Is it a fun job to be an astronomer?

#career #astronomy

Jordan F.’s Avatar
Jordan F. Sep 16, 2020 161 views

How do you get the best job for you?

I want to go to college and then become a vet.

Sara S.’s Avatar
Sara S. Sep 16, 2020 327 views

Hi i'm Sara a senior in high school and i enjoy animals, also i like helping people. What type of job would work best for me

#career #jobs

Shayla W.’s Avatar
Shayla W. Sep 16, 2020 256 views

How do I search for careers I want?

#welding #nuclearengineer #Navy
I play basketball, hang out with friends on the weekends. I work alot

Devin R.’s Avatar
Devin R. Sep 16, 2020 307 views

What's a great way to not forgetting things?

Write it down on a piece of paper (OR just type it on a digital #creative-writing notepad)

francisco J.’s Avatar
francisco J. Sep 16, 2020 301 views

how do i know what skills i have for a job

#job #jobs

Tiffany R.’s Avatar
Tiffany R. Aug 25, 2018 596 views

What are some keypoints to obtain when choosing a career path?

In my case I want to stay in the field of banking, and struggling to plan out my career path to farther more in the financial institution field.

#banking #career path