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Avantika Feb 13, 2021 524 views

What are the best internship programs for high schoolers?

I want to get accepted into my top-5 dream universities, namely, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, and NYU.
I wanted to know which are the best internships if I want to do undergrad and post-grad in Business fields in these universities. #student #college #field

Xophia Marie’s Avatar
Xophia Marie Feb 14, 2021 6368 views

What are the online jobs to earn money from home without investment?

I'm a simple person, have a good heart, hard-working and friendly. #money

Apoorva’s Avatar
Apoorva Jun 13, 2020 903 views

What are resources for students interested in law?

Hello! I am a 13 year old and I am interested in becoming a lawyer when I am older. I am not exactly sure what type of lawyer but maybe a criminal or immigration lawyer. I really want to be a lawyer, but I don't know any resources for myself (13 y/o). Does anyone know of any resources such as...

Kysie’s Avatar
Kysie Feb 12, 2021 494 views

How to be a professional lawyer someday?

I'm a serious type of person, both my parents wants me to become a doctor someday, but i don't want too. I love watching movies about being lawyer. #lawyer

Allan’s Avatar
Allan Feb 15, 2021 378 views

What career can I do if I take these subjects

I like history and sports and art #career-choice