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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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I want to first get accepted into any one of these: Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU. And then I want to do a course in any business field, and then get into any of the top companies in the world and rise in the business organization ladder. I do understand that these are very ambitious goals, but there's no fault in dreaming or wishing for something right?

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Avantika Nov 18, 2022 688 views

How do I get into a high ranking college?

my scores in academics aren't that...good. I have around 2Bs and 2Cs in my A levels and I want to ensure that I can still get into a few top-tiered colleges. In what ways can I build my portfolio so I can get in without much of a focus on my 'lack of academic performance'?

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Avantika Feb 13, 2021 533 views

What are the best internship programs for high schoolers?

I want to get accepted into my top-5 dream universities, namely, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, and NYU.
I wanted to know which are the best internships if I want to do undergrad and post-grad in Business fields in these universities. #student #college #field