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Alexander Mar 15, 2021 683 views

How hard is it to get accepted into law school

I am wondering about SAT or ACT scores and if they matter or not. Will there be an essay or something #law-school

Núria’s Avatar
Núria Mar 16, 2021 509 views

Is it feasible to do a degree in Law and a higher degree in piano performance?

I am an IB student and I would like to study Law at university. I also study piano at the conservatory and I would like to dedicate myself to it, so I do the Higher Degree in Interpretation. Is it possible to do both? #ib #piano #law

Devin’s Avatar
Devin Mar 17, 2021 388 views

how many year to become an engineer

im 15 and im not sure what i want to do but i think that i have a huge varity with my work. #general