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Harvey Jones

Workplace Technology
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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Wyatt’s Avatar
Wyatt Mar 17, 2021 492 views

Is zoology fun if you love animals?

I love animals and I’ve always only wanted to do something Involving animals and I just want to know if that would be a good fit for me knowing that I love animals #zoology

Evelynn’s Avatar
Evelynn Mar 18, 2021 405 views

what kind of taxes would you have to pay as an animator

animator #animate

Nate’s Avatar
Nate Mar 18, 2021 461 views

What was your favorite class to take in high school to become a transporter?

I am a middle school student. I would like to be in transportation. I think that I would be pretty good at this job. #school #student #transportation #classes

hari’s Avatar
hari May 25, 2016 816 views

How to become a computer engineer?

I am doing my 12th Accounts group ( Accounts,Computer science,commerce,economics) #it