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San Francisco, California
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I want to become a professional athlete and if that does not work, with my backups being to become a gamer or even a barber.

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Jaiden Apr 18, 2021 363 views

Which career path pays the best salary and has the best known work environment throughout the Bay Area?

I have been wondering about this for a few years now. #salary #stocks #career

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Jaiden Apr 18, 2021 640 views

What stocks are the most efficient/affordable in 2021 right now?

Just wondering how to build generational wealth. #NYSE #stocks #investment

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Jaiden Apr 14, 2021 497 views

What is the most efficient way to begin having an income and how should it be saved?

I have been wondering on how I should start saving my money, besides not spending it at all, so what should I do to begin saving, and also, how should I find a great way to have an income, especially when wanting to become an athlete or gamer. #career #stocks #money #gamer