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Miami, Florida
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I want to be an football player. I want to use the football platform to hopefully owning my own businesses to better myself as a human being .

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Nathan May 11, 2021 738 views

the process of becoming an engineer?

I always wanted to be an engineer. #engineer

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Nathan May 11, 2021 283 views

what does it take to be a business men?

It always been my dream to be a football player and owning my own business. #business

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Nathan May 11, 2021 505 views

does hvac fall under engineering as college major?

That's what I want to go to school for. #college

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Nathan May 11, 2021 251 views

What's the salary of somebody in hvac ?

I live in Miami where it's always hot everybody need air condition. #heat

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Nathan May 11, 2021 383 views

The process of being a real estate agent?

I will like to buy a lot of land when I get older.

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Nathan May 03, 2021 336 views

what is business marketing?

I have aspirations to becoming my own boss, owning a lot business. #BUSNIESSMEN

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Nathan Apr 13, 2021 318 views

What does it takes to become HVAC?

I want to play professional sports to pursue my goal of owning my own business. I eventually want to open a business dealing with HVAC. #professional-sports #engineers