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Sammy May 25, 2016 1002 views

Are the colleges that provide game design degrees expensive?

I want to know how expensive will college be #design #degree #game

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Sammy May 25, 2016 910 views

Once you have a game designer degree, what does it take to build your own game and put it out there for people to use?

I want to create my own games #degree #game #designers

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Sammy May 18, 2016 986 views

How long does it take to have a game designer degree? Would college be expensive for a game design degree? What if I can't afford college, is there something or somewhere were I can learn from?

I don't think I could afford college in the future. #design #game

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Sammy May 06, 2016 1192 views

I would like to one day be a game designer. How can I get started on that?

My dream job is to design games that other kids can play. #technology