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Elk Grove Village, Illinois
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Nikki May 13, 2016 952 views

Is it hard to own your own architecture firm? And what are tips and things you have to do to do it?

One of my biggest dreams, though kind of daunting, is to have my own architecture business. It seems like a hard task to accomplish, and I would like to know any helpful tips that could help. #architecture #architect #architectural-design #sustainable-design

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Nikki May 13, 2016 1233 views

Is having a wildly different and innovative idea practical in the architecture world? It may seem like an easy question, but are most architectural projects designed to have a "wow factor" or are they just whatever is trending?

I am currently a senior in high school who will be majoring in architecture next year. I've always loved architecture and have wanted to be one since my kindergarten days. I want to know from an actual architect if they have the liberty to design pretty much whatever they want (within...