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Kayla May 13, 2016 956 views

What are some things I should know about living on campus?

I have almost all of my stuff for my dorm, but is living in a dorm going to be hard adjusting to? What are some things I should expect while living on campus? Is it easy to make friends with people who live in the same hall as you? #college #college-bound #college-student #college-life...

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Kayla May 13, 2016 962 views

Is it smart to minor in Health Science as a Nursing major?

I was wondering if my plan sounds good. My plan is to get a BSN, and become a nurse. If I need to make a career change later on, I will be able to teach health science classes (because of my minor) such as health science, rehabilitation, diagnostic medicine, etc. I have been told that my plan...