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San Francisco, California
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I want to study and become an electrical engineer to help people create and innovate. I want to learn everyday life skills and repay my parents.



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Isaac Jan 30 84 views

What everyday life skills can engineering teach me?

I would like to help my parents back. What can I learn from engineering that can help both myself and my family other than money?

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Isaac Jan 30 41 views

What kind of dangers are involved in electrical engineering?

I want to know what I will be dealing with if I pursue electrical engineering as my career. Probably don't need to go in depth for now.

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Isaac Oct 27, 2022 144 views

What is required to start an engineering career?

I am looking to pursue an engineering career. Let's take electrical engineering as an example. How many years of study is required to have a job in the field? Are there any non-math or science classes one needs?

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Isaac Sep 27, 2022 99 views

Which careers are better for working alone?

I understand that it's better to have teamwork, but I'm curious if there's any jobs or careers where individual work might perform better.