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Joel Jul 21, 2023 236 views

How to pick what you want to do a PhD in?

How soon should I know what I want to do as a PhD? Right now I am a second year sophomore with no previous research experience though I hope to gain some over the course of the fall and spring semester of this upcoming year.

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Joel Jul 08, 2023 233 views

I am an undergraduate student in my second year I didn't do so well last semester and my gpa dropped to a 2.1, can you give me some advice as to how to prepare for grad school? Is it too late for me?

How do I prepare myself for a PhD at MIT, or other Ivy league or top schools in the world's? Should I also get my masters before my PhD program and will that shorten or extend how long my doctorate program will be? I am also planning to get a master before the PhD though since it isn't that...