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Chandler C. Oct 19, 2016 528 views

Is it advantages to pursue an MD/PHD after reciving my BS degree in Biomedical Engineering?

I am planning in pursuing an MD.PHD after undergraduate studies. I would like to pursue research but would like to have the option to contribute as a practitioner. #biomedical-engineering #doctorate-degree #medical-research...


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Chandler C. Oct 19, 2016 351 views

As a biomedical Engieer, what new innovation in research is taking palce today that will impact the quality of life for someone with disabilities?

I would like to be a biomedical engineer. I designed a prototype prosthetic arm this summer. Besides the obvious, arms, legs, etc are there any new research for other types of medical disabilities. Are there any machines to detect cancer early? #mechanical-engineering #research...

#biomedical #electrical-engineering