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Chantel M. Oct 29, 2016 491 views

What are the best medical fields to explore?

I definitely desire a career in medicine, but I'm not entirely sure what field I want to focus on. I'm currently planning on focusing in gynecology, but I'm wondering what other interesting fields there are. I'm not uncomfortable working with blood, urine, or any other bodily fluids. However,...

#nursing #medicine #doctor

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Chantel M. Oct 29, 2016 458 views

What high school courses can be taken in order to prepare for an OB/GYN career?

I plan on exploring or working in a career of obstetrics and gynecology, with a focus on gynecology. I want to be as readily prepared as possible for a career in gynecology, starting in high school. I've heard that medicine is difficult and requires a lot of preparation and dedication, and I...

#gynecology #gynecologist #medicine #obstetrics