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Kiran Feb 27, 2017 720 views

Does community college required

I want to know does University of the District of Columbia community college required any test to get admission in associate degree? #college #college-admissions #columbia-university

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Kiran Feb 25, 2017 938 views

Which universities are offering associate degrees ?

I want to do 2 year associate degree but I need to know which universities are offering that ? I have google it but it seams mostly community colleges are offering associate degree but if you know any university are offering please tell me
Maybe in Virginia or Texas or Maryland

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Kiran Feb 25, 2017 1281 views

Can we do minor in any subject after graduating high school?

I want to learn programing but I don't want to do 4 year becholar degree in computer please suggest me #computer-software #majors-and-minors #minor #20 #college-minors