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Cuxan Valladares

English Major, expeirenced financial aid student affiars tech
Los Angeles, California
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Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Sep 26, 2018 491 views

If I play a sport in college, is it harder to keep grades up?

#sports #college

Kassi’s Avatar
Kassi May 18, 2017 660 views

do I need a certain technique for painting?

because I love painting but i wouldn't say that i have a technique #painting

Kassi’s Avatar
Kassi May 18, 2017 916 views

How can I become a famous painter?

because I want to become a famous painter #painting

ravi’s Avatar
ravi Aug 16, 2016 692 views

which subject i want to take for marketing asstiant?please guide my career

about my career is to become a marketing asstiant #any #professional

John’s Avatar
John May 16, 2016 644 views

How should I prepare for college?

I am about to embark on my senior year of high school. What are some key things I should know as a freshman? Any tips on things to avoid or good secrets on how to get the best deal on books? #college-major #student