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ROQEEB Jul 21, 2014 1258 views

what type of job carers are out there that does not require sitting in an office or working for someone?

As a young adult and an upcoming senior in high school, i've been granted the opportunity to participate in summer internship for big companies and i've come to a realization that i don't like the sound of doing a 9-5 in a cubical. I don't have an interest in a career where i'll have to work...

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ROQEEB Jul 21, 2014 1007 views

What good colleges are in california for an average student who is looking to major in business or pharmacy?

i'm an upcoming senior in high school and i am looking for good colleges in California that have a business/pharmacy major or both, that i might be able to apply to as a student with a 3.0+ GP #college #graduate #professors #california #resident